NPR Show on Bonobos!

Tune into the Diane Rehm Show: “Bonobos on the Brink of Extinction”

Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) president Sally Jewell Coxe joins Vanessa Woods, author of the new book Bonobo Handshake, and Richard Carroll of the World Wildlife Fund for an enlightening discussion about bonobos. The show examines lessons about bonobos and efforts to save them, revealing little known facts and the urgency of protecting these endangered great apes and their habitat in the Congo rainforest.

IMG_1027_2Listen to the archived recording here!

Special thanks to Diane Rehm and WAMU for raising awareness about bonobos on their Environmental    Outlook series.

Saving Bonobos AND Lives!

Bonobo ClinicBCI has learned through on-the-ground results that our community conservation approach is saving bonobos AND improving lives!

Along with our partners, we are saving lives at the health clinic located within the newly established Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. Our clinic staff is making a difference for the Kokolopori community. In fact, they just performed the 150th surgery in the past 18 months. Our resident physician, Dr. Pondolo Saidi says, “We are saving lives…we’ve treated patients for appendixes, caesarian sections, hernias, ovarian cysts, tumors, and prostates.”

To learn more, check out eyewitness accounts emailed to us on our new satellite phone from our Director of BCI Australia, Martin Bendeler!

Bonobo Rescue

bonobo orphan and dogBCI and our local partners are actively engaged throughout the bonobo habitat. We are on the front lines of the bushmeat trade, which has led to saving more than a dozen orphaned bonobos– and in the process, educating and forging partnerships with regional authorities, who were previously unaware of national and international laws against hunting bonobos and other endangered species in the vast Congo rainforest.

Our most recent rescue was a bonobo near Monieka. A poacher caught her and wanted to sell her as a pet. Luckily, our staff on the ground brought her to safety and we successfully delivered her to the Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary.

Intro to our work

The Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is a non-profit conservation organization with offices in Washington, D.C. and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Founded in 1998, BCI is the only international organization dedicated solely to the conservation of wild bonobos in their natural habi­tat.

Our work focuses on achieving three interrelated goals:

  • Preserving habitat (primarily rainforest)
  • Protecting bonobos and biodiversity
  • Empowering Congolese people to lead conservation efforts

Please follow us on our blog, as we will be sharing news from the field about our community conservation, livelihood programs, and much more!

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